CrissColfer Drabble

Summary: Chris comes back from his book tour and is reunited with his two favorite men.

"Hey, buddy. Did you miss me?" Chris whispered when his 22 pound cat came to see who dared the disturb the silence of his home. It was dark besides the orange glow of the street lights and Chris closed the door behind him as quietly as possible. "You still mad I didn’t take you with me?" Brian didn’t answer, just glared at his owner with his signature ‘I’m better than you’ -look. "Oh, come here, you." 

Chris scooped the cat into his arms and kissed his soft fur. If cats could sigh, Brian would have probably done just that, but for the moment he just accepted his fate and let himself be cuddled. “Were you a good cat? Hm?” Chris mumbled. His steps were making soft sounds on the carpet as he made his way through the seemingly empty house. “You were nice to him, right? No funny business?” 

Brian merely purred in response. 

Chris chuckled as he carefully pushed the door of his bedroom open. His smile grew when he saw there was someone spread on the bed, fully clothed and fast asleep. Chris put Brian down, tiptoed to the bed and knelt down next to it. He let himself just look for a couple of seconds before extending his hand to run it through the other one’s curls. 

"Darren," he said softly. "Wake up."

Darren let out a little sound that made him seem much younger than he was and slowly opened his eyes, frowning. His expression melted as soon as he spotted Chris and his lips turned up in a tired grin. 

"You’re home," he said. 


"I missed you." 


"I cleaned the house." 

This made Chris laugh. “That was nice of you.” 

"I’m nice." 

"Why, yes you are." 

There was a short silence and Chris thought Darren had fallen back to sleep. He was about to get up and get himself ready for be as well when he felt Darren taking a firm hold of his hand.

"Shit," the older man mumbled and lifted himself enough to lean on his elbow. "I wanted to stay awake until you came home." 

"That’s okay. I told you not to."

"Yeah, but still," Darren pouted. "I really did miss you." 

Something warm went through Chris and instead of trying to put his own emotions to words, he simply squeezed Darren’s hand in his because he knew that was enough. With a gentle tug, Darren pulled Chris to the bed with him, wrapping his arms around his waist as Chris buried his face into his chest. 

"I’m so proud of you." 

Chris, again, didn’t know how to respond. It was uncharacteristic for him, really, he usually had something to say in every situation. But somehow, right there and right then, he felt like words would just ruin everything. 

And he was right because the next thing that came out of his mouth was: “You shaved.” 

Darren burst into laughter and Chris could literally feel the blush creeping on his cheeks because what the hell? Darren’s laughing sounded so much louder than it was in the quietness of the room and Chris was sure even the neighbors could hear him. 

"Y-yeah," Darren finally managed to say. "I don’t think a beard is really Blaine’s style." 

"You really did start to resemble a cave-man," Chris replied, deciding that he might as well continue the joke. 

"You mean you didn’t like it?" 

"I wouldn’t say that, it’s just that I already have one hairy man in my life,” Chris said and as if on cue, Brian hopped onto the bed. “I don’t want him to get jealous.” 

"Ah, yes. We wouldn’t want that," Darren agreed. They watched as Brian, completely uninterested, found the spot on the bed where he would most definitely be on the way of getting comfortable, and settled there. "Oh, I almost forgot. There’s something I wanna ask you." 

Chris raised his eyebrow. “What’s that?” 

Darren smiled and reached for the item on the bedside table that Chris recognized to be…

"You bought it?" 

"Uh-huh. And read every word." 


"I was wondering if you would sign it for me?" 

The younger man had to blink the tears away as he nodded, absolutely amazed at how adorable Darren could be. Darren grinned like an idiot and handed Chris a pen that seemed to have magically appeared from somewhere and cheered quietly when Chris drew a little heart next to his autograph. 

"This will be my most priced possession," Darren declared and held the book against his chest briefly before putting it back on the table. There was a quick moment when he bit his lip and glanced at the grey cat who had absolutely no intention to move. "Do you think he would claw my face off if I kissed you now?" 

Chris pretended to consider this for a moment. “No, I don’t think so. I’m sure he’d be fine with that.” 


Chris’s breath got stuck in his throat as Darren’s lips finally connected with his. Yes, he was sad his amazing book tour was over but this was definitely worth coming back home for. 

This was what he wanted to come back to from every trip he’d ever make.

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