Anon prompted: could you write crisscolfer fic based on this please? it’s just sooo cute *-*


With all the pictures that are floating around, this was so not the one I expected to see but thank you anon, I love the idea and will do my best!!

Shit shit shit was Darren’s first thought when he woke up in the morning. Not that this hadn’t happened before, he’d have to (shamefully) admit. No, he had woken up next to strange people more than once in his life. 

But usually, he at least remembered the stranger’s name. 

Darren recalled nearly every detail of the conversation he had had with the boy next to him. Hell, he even knew that his sister’s name was Hannah. So how was this possible, how did Darren have absolutely no idea what this guy’s name was?

"Coffee will help," Darren decided and got out of bed as quietly as possible. He froze with his hand on the door knob when the boy in his bed murmured something but he merely turned around and buried his head into the pillow, still asleep. 

Fuck, he was cute. Gorgeous, actually. Cursing his own stupid, forgetful mind, Darren left the room in order to make some breakfast, hoping against hope that caffeine would stir his memory enough. 

They had laughed a lot. They had even moved to a spot where the music wasn’t so loud so that they could talk more easily. That had never happened before, Darren realized as he put the coffee maker on. At least without alcohol spicing up the conversation with inappropriate innuendos. But the boy in his bed had been so witty, so smart, so sarcastically funny and just enough nerdy so that they never ran out of things to talk about. It had been amazing. 

Which was why Darren’s current predicament was even more embarrassing. 

He was almost done with the pancakes he had suddenly craved for when there was a soft cough behind him. He turned around to see his new friend standing there, his hair all muzzled and his shirt wrinkled with the top buttons still undone. 

Yeah, Darren knew exactly why he had come home with this boy. 

"Good morning," he smiled brightly because hey, at least he could be friendly. 

"Morning," the boy replied. His voice was deeper than last night. 


"Uh… No thanks. I don’t drink coffee." 

Darren blinked. “You live in LA and you don’t drink coffee?” 

The boy shrugged. “Yeah, I’m a strange grown up,” he chuckled. “Anyway, I should uh… Thanks for letting me sleep here but… I should go. Home.” 

"Oh…" Darren said stupidly. He didn’t know what to think when he realized he didn’t want the guy to leave just yet. At least not before he knew his name. And… phone number? Maybe? "I was gonna offer you pancakes. Just stay for breakfast, okay? I can’t eat all of them by myself." 

The boy hesitated for a few seconds before sitting down, making Darren cheer internally. They didn’t talk much while Darren cooked, besides the ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome’ when Darren gave the boy a glass of orange juice. 

It was ten minutes later that Darren balanced a pile of freshly made pancakes to the table, along with a bottle of maple syrup.

"Here you are," he said. "Best pancakes the West Coast can offer."

"Oh really?" the boy asked, raising one of his eyebrows and fuck Darren had to tell himself not to stare.  

"Try them," he urged and the boy did as told.

When he moaned Darren almost literally choked on his own mouthful. 

"My God, Darren…!" the boy mumbled and now Darren really did feel like crap. "These are amazing!" 

"Told you so," Darren said, his smile kind of false as he tried to figure out how to go about this. "Um… so. Say, what was your name again?" 

A fork stopped in midair as the boy stopped to just gape at him. Darren kicked himself mentally when his eyes turned down and his mouth became a thin line. A faint blush rose to his cheeks. 

"It’s Chris," he almost whispered and Darren hoped, wished, prayed that he imagined the tremor in his voice. 

"Oh no!" he said quickly, coming up with a hasty solution in a nano-second. "I meant your last name. I figured I’d friend-request you Facebook and there’s gotta be like gazillion Chrises in LA alone, right?" 

The frown on Chris’s face disappeared immediately and he looked so relieved that Darren wanted to crawl up into a whole and deny himself Harry Potter for 3 weeks. 

"Colfer," Chris said. "Chris Colfer." 

"Chris Colfer," Darren repeated. "Goes quite well with Darren Criss now doesn’t it?" 

Chris blinked. “I guess?” 

Darren grinned and took a bite of his pancake. “So, when do I get to meet your cat? Brian, right?” Yes, because that was one of those things that he just happened to remember instead of Chris’s name. 

"Uh… Brian, yeah. And you want to meet him?" 

"Of course I do, you made him sound totally awesome! Maybe I can take you to dinner before I meet him?" 

Chris’s beautiful blue eyes grew wide as plates. Darren himself didn’t quite know why he was asking Chris out, it wasn’t something he’d normally do. It was like his brain was making decisions without him having any time to think them over.

…maybe that was good? 

"You want to take me to dinner?" 

The complete bewilderment made Darren frown. “Yes?” 

"So, wait. You’re actually gay? This wasn’t just a hook up?”

"Uh… excuse me?" 

"No, I mean… Oh God, that came out so wrong. I’m sorry… It’s just. Last night. So many people… girls… came to say hi to you and you were so touchy feely with all of them. I don’t know, I just thought… Actually, I don’t know what I thought really. I’m sorry," Chris said again when Darren just stared. 

"It’s fine…" Darren assured. "But wait, why did you come with me if you thought I wasn’t really gay?" 

Chris looked away, his cheeks growing a little redder as he merely shrugged. ‘

"Okay, we can come back to that later. Alright, look, so I don’t put labels on myself. And I have quite a few acquaintances, I can admit that. But I would really like to take you out. You and your cat can decide whether or not I’m dating material after that, how’s that sound?" 

The corner of Chris’s mouth lifted. “You know, my friend Ashley has a 45 point check list you have to complete and pass in order to date me.” 

"I’ve already failed, haven’t I?" 

"Pretty much," Chris said, smirking. "But she doesn’t have to know that." 

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